Challenge your camera: churches!

These past few weeks I noticed that my phone gallery was stashed to the brim with memes and funny pictures I ‘borrowed’ off twitter and facebook in order to share with friends – but very few pictures of my own indeed! I have always enjoyed looking around and snapping shots but it can be challenging to do so without a trigger or incentive.

Enter Buddha Walks into a Winebar: a charming blog with, among other things, a weekly prompt to ‘challenge your camera’. I decided to join in.

This week’s prompt is ‘churches’. Since I have only few pictures of churches on my camera roll, I need to make some new ones. Today was the perfect opportunity to do so:

The Westerkerk stands proudly at the Prinsengracht in the centre of Amsterdam, basking in the January sun. These are the bells that Anne Frank heard when she was hidden in the Achterhuis, where she wrote her diary.

There may be other pictures to add to this week as the week progresses – and I hope that is allowed within this challenge! – but I thought I better not keep this from you for too long.

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