Kusmi tea calendar day ONE

Advent time! So excited to be back on the blog with a new advent calendar to share. Another tea calendar to be precise! This time from the tea purveyors at Kusmi tea who composed this collection of 22 teas plus some accessories - one little door a day for me to open! My birthday is … Continue reading Kusmi tea calendar day ONE

Challenge your camera: Sport

This week's challenge was... challenging, because I don't do sports myself. I like to take long walks but that is just not the same. So for this week I had to become somewhat of a voyeur and record other people's sportsmanship. This means that all pictures had to be necessarily anonymous and impersonal - I … Continue reading Challenge your camera: Sport

Challenge your camera: Bridges

This week's theme for #challengeyourcamera is... bridges! And I was going to one splendid one just yesterday, the bridge to Java Island in Amsterdam. I decided to take a few different viewpoints of the same bridge. This bridge connects the Amsterdam 'mainland' with its so-called Java Island, a fairly new developed area where shipyards used … Continue reading Challenge your camera: Bridges

Challenge your camera: churches!

These past few weeks I noticed that my phone gallery was stashed to the brim with memes and funny pictures I 'borrowed' off twitter and facebook in order to share with friends - but very few pictures of my own indeed! I have always enjoyed looking around and snapping shots but it can be challenging … Continue reading Challenge your camera: churches!

Bridgerton and the reality of people

Right square in the middle of a global pandemic, Netflix audiences are taking to regency drama in droves: Bridgerton. Being a Jane Austen fan, I had to watch. All of these beautiful people, drinking tea! After all, this blog is about some prominent aspects of my life, to wit. tea and (struggling to do any … Continue reading Bridgerton and the reality of people