Challenge your camera: Bridges

This week’s theme for #challengeyourcamera is… bridges! And I was going to one splendid one just yesterday, the bridge to Java Island in Amsterdam. I decided to take a few different viewpoints of the same bridge.

This bridge connects the Amsterdam ‘mainland’ with its so-called Java Island, a fairly new developed area where shipyards used to be. This picture offers a view of the top of the bridge.
The bridge to Java Island in Amsterdam was fairly controversial for some time. Now in the summer people, mostly children, must be warned not to jump from it into the water because that can be dangerous. This picture shows the side of the bridge.
How could this series be considered complete without a view of the underside of the bridge to Java Island in Amsterdam? Geometrical shapes, especially symmetrical, are so pleasing to the eye.

This is of course a modern bridge. I hope to add some historical bridge(s) too this week.

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