Kusmi tea calendar day ONE

Advent time!

So excited to be back on the blog with a new advent calendar to share. Another tea calendar to be precise! This time from the tea purveyors at Kusmi tea who composed this collection of 22 teas plus some accessories – one little door a day for me to open!

My birthday is in November and this year I had been hinting ever to slightly* how much I love advent calendars. And tea, I also love tea.

My man & minions decided to gift me some lovely and slightly cruel gifts: not one but TWO advent calendars to enjoy! Not only Kusmi teas, but also the golden canal house calendar from Rituals. Ooooo! I know, brilliant.

It is slightly cruel because I have been looking at these longingly since my birthday on November 19th, but obviously without opening any little doors – or receiving any further presents until December 1st. Today. TODAY!

So here is tea no. 1: Lovely morning.

Lovely morning is an infusion with citrus. Unlike the Pukka ‘teas’ I wrote about last year, Kusmi actually includes tea in its blends. Unlike Pukka, however, they do not publish the ingredients on the packaging. So that requires a bit of googling.

And here we go: Lovely morning on the Kusmi website. It has yerba maté, green tea, and citrus fruit.

  • Is it nice? Yes
  • How does it look? Very light.
  • How does it smell? Subtle. The citrus is sweet and gentle.
  • How does it taste? Also very light. Not bad for mornings, but I need to be honest and say that I had some coffee before this so my day had already been kickstarted.
  • Recommend it? Um, yes! I quite like it.

Thanks for tuning in! Good to be back! More tomorrow! (My daughters keep forbidding me to open more than one door per calendar a day. They are tyrants and should be stopped. Help! Help!)

*Not very slightly.

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