Challenge your camera: Sport

This week's challenge was... challenging, because I don't do sports myself. I like to take long walks but that is just not the same. So for this week I had to become somewhat of a voyeur and record other people's sportsmanship. This means that all pictures had to be necessarily anonymous and impersonal - I … Continue reading Challenge your camera: Sport

Challenge your camera: Bridges

This week's theme for #challengeyourcamera is... bridges! And I was going to one splendid one just yesterday, the bridge to Java Island in Amsterdam. I decided to take a few different viewpoints of the same bridge. This bridge connects the Amsterdam 'mainland' with its so-called Java Island, a fairly new developed area where shipyards used … Continue reading Challenge your camera: Bridges

Challenge your camera: churches!

These past few weeks I noticed that my phone gallery was stashed to the brim with memes and funny pictures I 'borrowed' off twitter and facebook in order to share with friends - but very few pictures of my own indeed! I have always enjoyed looking around and snapping shots but it can be challenging … Continue reading Challenge your camera: churches!

Bridgerton and the reality of people

Right square in the middle of a global pandemic, Netflix audiences are taking to regency drama in droves: Bridgerton. Being a Jane Austen fan, I had to watch. All of these beautiful people, drinking tea! After all, this blog is about some prominent aspects of my life, to wit. tea and (struggling to do any … Continue reading Bridgerton and the reality of people

Why write? It’s a mystery!

Writing. It's hard y'all! Yet there is something we can do to alleviate the stress of 'getting it right' and that is to plunge mightily into the depths of perfectionism, look around at our murky surroundings while we are down there, and then vow never to wallow into those muddy waters ever again. I know … Continue reading Why write? It’s a mystery!