Challenge your camera: Sport

This week’s challenge was… challenging, because I don’t do sports myself. I like to take long walks but that is just not the same. So for this week I had to become somewhat of a voyeur and record other people’s sportsmanship. This means that all pictures had to be necessarily anonymous and impersonal – I don’t like taking and posting pictures of people I don’t know, in positions they may not feel comfortable in. So here we are: my socially distanced – in two ways – photos of people doing sports.

Wide view of public tennis courts in Amsterdam
Solitary fitness enthusiast by the waterside. This man was making a bit of a show of it all so I had less scruples about snapping a pic. I made sure he didn’t see me taking his picture though – I had no desire to have any sort of interaction!
I wanted to get a photo of the contrast of these people sweating it out in the foreground with the casual walkers behind them. In these covid-riddled times our park has become one big outdoor gym.

These challenges come from Buddha Walks Into a Wine Bar. New challenge every Monday!

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