Why write? It’s a mystery!

Writing. It's hard y'all! Yet there is something we can do to alleviate the stress of 'getting it right' and that is to plunge mightily into the depths of perfectionism, look around at our murky surroundings while we are down there, and then vow never to wallow into those muddy waters ever again. I know … Continue reading Why write? It’s a mystery!

Advent tea 13: Wild apple & cinnamon

My 'eldest' (by a minute) is in her last years of primary school. That means that she needs to choose a secondary school. Now in Amsterdam this is not an easy task. There are a great many schools - for her level alone there are about 25 eligible schools. And then even if you choose … Continue reading Advent tea 13: Wild apple & cinnamon

Advent tea 12: Ginseng matcha green

It was a grey and dreary day and I had done absolutely nothing of interest yet apart from buying a new bobble hat (and new coats for the girls but don't tell them yet until Christmas sssst!) when the husb decided to put a boardgame on the table. We all joined and learned to play … Continue reading Advent tea 12: Ginseng matcha green

Advent tea 11: Revitalise

Wait... 11? What happened to 10? Dear girls and boys, let me tell you about a little something called 'insomnia'. It comes from 'somnia' meaning sleep with the prefix in- meaning I'm not getting any. I go to bed around 10ish these days, read a bit and fall asleep between 10:30 and 11pm. Then wake … Continue reading Advent tea 11: Revitalise