Advent tea 12: Ginseng matcha green

It was a grey and dreary day and I had done absolutely nothing of interest yet apart from buying a new bobble hat (and new coats for the girls but don’t tell them yet until Christmas sssst!) when the husb decided to put a boardgame on the table. We all joined and learned to play Wingspan for the first time. We had fun playing and learning and, since it is the first time we played it, I won. If I win a game it is usually the first time we play it. After that everyone else will have learned to play and beat me like crazy but the first time when we are all still scrambling for a foothold, that’s when I luck out. Boom!

Ginseng matcha green

Hurray! More matcha! I was wondering how this tea would differ from the one I had earlier but the addition of lemony flavours, coming from lemon oil and lemongrass (!), set it off nicely. It was a pleasant green tea on a dreary Saturday afternoon, but I can see it working even better on a bright summer day – in fact, the inclusion in a winter calendar is a bit of a stretch.

It has Jeju Island Sencha green tea (50%), lemongrass, ginger root (again), licorice root (again), lemon Vana tulsi leaf, lemongrass essential oil flavour (what is this ‘oil flavour’ – like, do you have the oil or just the flavour of the thing that the thing tastes of? like, wouldn’t this just be ‘lemongrass flavour’? confusing…), matcha (2%), red ginseng root (2%).

Would I drink it again a.k.a. buy it for myself? Meh. I have a loose-leaf tea from the Tea Bar that reminds me a bit of this one but I like it better. I will write about it later, when the ‘adventea’ is done.

PS. Yoda rules, doesn’t he? The image is a bit chipped so we may need a new Star Wars mug in the near future. Baby Yoda? 😀

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