The final countdown!

(Another earworm?)

tl;dr Help me pick out a name for the main character. See poll below.

A teacher standing outside the (somewhat elitist) expat school near my daughter’s (oh so common) school was dressed as a banana.

We decorated a few pumpkins last weekend which was fun and probably a waste of perfectly good food.

Magic is taking over our home.

What does this mean? Well, you say, it must be Halloween! Well yes, I say, but I cannot be buggered about that because the only thing that’s fun about Halloween ’round these parts is the Harry Potter parties my friend Jennifer (the one addressed in the video above) throws and Covid is f*cking that up big time this year so sod it.

Ah. Nothing special then?

What do you mean nothing special? Halloween – to me – is merely a token to mark that we are approaching the starting line of NaNoWriMo! And I feel so incredibly unprepared, I just can. not. even. But I will.

Because I know a few things now:

Our main character will be a woman. I am going with cis woman because that is my lived experience.

She will be somewhere in her (late?) forties. I will be turning 46 myself during this year’s NaNo. I think I can pull this off. 😀

The adventure will take place, or at least start, in the Autumn. This is the result of the last poll – that shows a different result (Summer) on this blog but if we include the results on Twitter as well as Facebook (in a closed group of friends) the results are thus:

  • Summer: 6
  • Spring: 3
  • Autum: 8
  • Winter: 4

For clarity I will only be running the polls on here and on Twitter from now on though. (So if you don’t want to miss out, sign up!)

Aaannnd…. that’s it. Except…


What do we not have yet?


I have entered a few ones myself but I would be thrilled to hear your own suggestions! Please let me know what you think the character’s name should be in the poll or the comments. Because as we know, the name makes the woman. Or something…

Tune in again tomorrow for the results, and let’s get started!

Hey there, we’re doing a choose-your-own-adventure style nanowrimo and would like you to join! Subscribe by using the buttons on the right and help me make plot choices along the way. Thanks!

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