Advent tea 11: Revitalise

Wait... 11? What happened to 10? Dear girls and boys, let me tell you about a little something called 'insomnia'. It comes from 'somnia' meaning sleep with the prefix in- meaning I'm not getting any. I go to bed around 10ish these days, read a bit and fall asleep between 10:30 and 11pm. Then wake … Continue reading Advent tea 11: Revitalise

Advent tea 6: Three ginger

Mozart alledgedly said: "You know what's worse than a flute? More than one flute!" Three types of ginger in one tea. If that is not enough to warm you up, I don't know what is anymore! - which is probably what Pukka was thinking when they cooked this one up. The problem is of course … Continue reading Advent tea 6: Three ginger