Advent tea 6: Three ginger

Mozart alledgedly said: “You know what’s worse than a flute? More than one flute!”

Three types of ginger in one tea. If that is not enough to warm you up, I don’t know what is anymore! – which is probably what Pukka was thinking when they cooked this one up. The problem is of course that for the non-connaisseur of gingers, or the non-sommeliers of infusions, it doesn’t really matter all that much how many gingers you put in a tea. It’s going to taste of ginger.

So this was a nice ginger tea. Very… gingery. I drank it in the morning but I had already been up for a while. It was a nice start to my day, after coffee, as I wrote the Christmas cards for my overseasies. (Drop me your address through… other… channels!)

However, for this sort of thing it is probably better to just cut some fresh ginger (you can freeze it and take off a little bit every time) to make your tea.

One thought on “Advent tea 6: Three ginger

  1. I quite like ginger tea, but agree, I’m not sure I was too aware there were three different types, or be able to tell the difference esp. in tea form. I’ve never tried making the ‘fresh’ kind – probably should! I already have sliced frozen ginger for stir fries 🙂

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