Advent tea 5: Supreme matcha green

Last year I worked for a while for an online tea shop (yes!), putting loose leave tea into bags. They sell pretty good tea so if you’re close by, consider buying some. I will discuss some of their teas when I’m done with this calendar, I promise!

One of their teas that sells well, is green tea with matcha mixed in. That means that a very fine green powder is blended in with the leaves of the green tea. It also means that if you stick your hand into a tin of this stuff, it comes out green. And if (when!) you need to refill the container, you get a bit of a cloud of fine green powder that gets all over you. Seriously: All. Over. Kermit but with tea.

It’s not easy being green.

Luckily, today’s tea is in a teabag so I am not feeling froggy.

Supreme matcha green

Don’t worry. I know how to make green tea. I even have a thermometer for the purpose, and use it! At 70C I leave the bag in for two minutes, and take it out. It is supposed to be the perfect cup of tea. So was it?

It was quite nice. Matcha can overbearing in a blend like this but it is kept within bounds. The ingredients list says that there is ‘only’ 2% matcha, alongside three types of green tea (Sencha, Pin Ho Wild Jade, and Indian) but you can definitely taste it. I have other green teas that I also like so I am not sure if I would buy this for myself but I enjoyed it.

PS. Green tea is supposed to make you lose weight. Because reasons. That is convenient because this is December and I am approaching whale-dom already. I am not quite sure if green tea is going to save me though. Probably not.

6 thoughts on “Advent tea 5: Supreme matcha green

  1. If green tea made you lose weight, I’d be able to fit into something besides leggings right now. I drink green tea half of my waking hours, yet my thighs continue to expand.

    Maybe it’s that if you drink green tea instead of eating, you lose weight. I’m too hungry to test this theory, so I can’t say for sure.

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    1. Apparently there is something that hinders fat production but then it is only effective up to two cups. As in, more than two does not increase the effectiveness. I don’t know where I got that and evidence so far has not been conclusive.

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