Advent tea 7: Three fennel

Ooo I know fennel! Everyone who has ever breastfed, or tried to anyway, knows fennel. And lots of other people too, I guess. Although I am commonly not one of them. You see, fennel helps with the digestive system. So if you have a colic baby, it sometimes helps them if you drink fennel tea! … Continue reading Advent tea 7: Three fennel

Advent tea 5: Supreme matcha green

Last year I worked for a while for an online tea shop (yes!), putting loose leave tea into bags. They sell pretty good tea so if you're close by, consider buying some. I will discuss some of their teas when I'm done with this calendar, I promise! One of their teas that sells well, is … Continue reading Advent tea 5: Supreme matcha green

Advent tea 4: English breakfast

Tea! Tea at last! Today's cup contains a blend of three different black teas, making up the 'common' English breakfast tea together. It is advertised by Pukka as the perfect (and elegant) start of the day. Boy, did I need it. My minion (10) was invited to be 'Pietje' at school: the helper of Sinterklaas … Continue reading Advent tea 4: English breakfast

Advent tea 3: lemon, ginger and manuka honey

About fifteen years ago I went to see an acupuncturist. He had been recommended to me and he was supposed to be really good. I went to see him because I had problems with my neck and shoulders. He asked me a lot of stuff and I told him that we were struggling with infertility … Continue reading Advent tea 3: lemon, ginger and manuka honey

A winter’s day (advent tea 2: mint refresh)

It's going to be a weird winter. Like it was a weird spring and a weird summer. Covid is changing everything. My brother is a doctor in the ICU. He texted today to the family app: Covid-19 is rising again in H** Stay sharp! H** being the town where my parents live. My brother is … Continue reading A winter’s day (advent tea 2: mint refresh)