Advent tea 7: Three fennel

Ooo I know fennel! Everyone who has ever breastfed, or tried to anyway, knows fennel. And lots of other people too, I guess. Although I am commonly not one of them. You see, fennel helps with the digestive system. So if you have a colic baby, it sometimes helps them if you drink fennel tea! Pukka puts it as follows:

“Gentle but essential to help food go down.”

Well… I wouldn’t go that far. It is hardly essential. But it is nice to know, in case you – uhm – need some help. My little ones did, one in particular. It is so stressful for a new parent to see your little one in pain and be unable to do anything about it. Yet this is what so many babies have: terrible pain while their guts adjust to everything.

Human babies are just so incomplete when they’re born, it is insane! We are these completely helpless creatures who can’t see properly, can’t move properly, and then our digestive systems just give us an extra kick in the… yeah… guts. UNFAIR! Bring on the fennel tea!

Three fennel

Does this tea have three types of fennel, like the Three Ginger? Well, it has sweet fennel seed, wild fennel seed and some fennel leaf (type of fennel not specified). Like with ginger, I was unaware there were different types of fennel, although come to think of it, it makes sense.

It is a nice tea! I like fennel, not just in case of emergencies, it is a pleasant tea to drink. I didn’t know Pukka made these and to be honest I had forgotten about the nice taste of fennel tea. So I might drink it again!

PS. This blog also give me an excellent opportunity to show off some of my mug collection. This one I got from an employer during Covid-19. It says ‘You’re on mute!’ and is very handy during online meetings. Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Advent tea 7: Three fennel

  1. Hee, I love the mugs 🙂 I cannot stand fennel, though – we’d be able to split a box very well 🙂 I had appalling colic as a baby, I’m told, so now wondering if fennel was ever used, and put me off!

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  2. I had no idea there was such a thing as fennel tea! I associate fennel with the pizza my elementary school served, as that’s the first place I encountered it. I was extremely fond of that pizza, so I’m thinking fennel might be worth a shot on its own — in tea or in food, as the case may be. (I, too, had terrible colic as a baby, which apparently ended the day of my baptism, as my mother is fond of noting. What do you think she’s trying to say about me? LOL)

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