Advent tea 4: English breakfast

Tea! Tea at last!

Today’s cup contains a blend of three different black teas, making up the ‘common’ English breakfast tea together. It is advertised by Pukka as the perfect (and elegant) start of the day.

Boy, did I need it.

My minion (10) was invited to be ‘Pietje’ at school: the helper of Sinterklaas – for the overseasies: a kind of proto-Santa. She was beyond excited, which was really nice. Happy kids = nice, yeah? She was also required to come to school half an hour earlier than usual. Which is not very nice considering we need to bike her to school. It was 6:30 when two (!) excited minions were bouncing up and down on our bed (the other also had Sinterklaas at school), and we left the cosy warmth of our home for the cold and dark at 7:45 am.

Damn. That’s early. The world is still very dark around here, and rush hour (in Amsterdam that means loads of bikes as well) hasn’t started yet.

I came into the office, put the kettle on, and made English breakfast tea. And I was glad it was ‘just’ black tea, nothing complicated. Because I was in no condition to handle complicated.

Day 4: English breakfast

I am a total tea snob and therefore I usually use loose leaf. Because it is better. What ends up in the bags is usually the drags of the harvest. I didn’t open this bag to see what was in it, though. I just made tea. And it was really nice, probably also because I hardly ever drink ‘normal’ tea anymore.

Will I drink it again? Yes. Will I buy Pukka for this kind of tea? Nah. I will get my loose leaf. 😀

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