Another round of Lockdown is coming, uh, down in the Netherlands. What hurts the most for me is seeing how theatres and concert halls and other performance venues will be toppling over when they can allow only thirty people at a time. But that is personal because I work with these people and organisations and I have so far been spared the pain of losing someone to this virus. Economic hardship will be a feature for most of us in the near future, I guess.

One weird side effect of the corona crisis so far has been that I do all my meetings, work and personal, either online or outside. I am meeting up with someone in a bit today and otherwise we would have gone to a café but now we’ll be circling the park. I keep my coat on when I go to my mother’s because we’ll be sitting outside. And the Wednesday morning coffee group, usually moved indoors by now in October, has consistently staid outdoors so far.

Covid is turning us all into outdoorsy types!

Now that cafés (along with bars and restaurants) will be completely closed again as of this evening, we will not even have a choice anymore. Every coffee or meal will be takeaway. And while I still intend to take my meals indoors, I expect many a coffee to be enjoyed outside.

Where is my parka?

PS That image (a couple enjoying coffee on a mountainside overlooking what appears to be a lake) is obviously not in the Netherlands, where I am. Amsterdam does not have massive lakes or fjords. Sadly.

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