Choices, choices

With NaNoWriMo approaching fast, it is time I start making some choices. I already know I am going to do a Choose Your Own Adventure this year in which readers – such as they are – are involved in decision-making. This can be regarding things like plot twists, character decisions, items and people. I don’t know yet, I haven’t started yet!

Some things are clear though:

  • I need to make clear to the readers i.e. you what our working method will be.

I have a blog post lined up for this in the coming week. It will involve polls!

  • I need to start somewhere.

That ‘somewhere’ involves not just a location, obviously, but also things like character, past or present tense, point of view, etc. So I think I will start a little early with the co-decision-making and start asking the first question:

Thanks for helping me make my first choice in this adventure! Please note that I will be posting this same poll on social media and the sum of all answers will determine the outcome.

What other issue do you think should be resolved before I start writing?

4 thoughts on “Choices, choices

  1. I can’t get the above poll to work (I suspect my WordPress/browser compatibility is off, can’t ‘like’ posts anywhere either), but I voted on Twitter. I went ‘female’ – so many other interesting choices, perhaps, but with a public, time-intense schedule like Nano I thought why not keep things easy on yourself? 🙂

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