Other stuff we need to prep in October

What do we do in Preptober? We prep. We outline, we plot, we plan. Or we go full rogue but even that requires some kind of preparation – like making a few choices here and there and deciding on our working method.

All very sensible.

But let’s be honest, that’s not all the prep we’re doing in October. Let me enlighten you with all the other stuff that needs doing in the Month Before Nanowrimo (duh-duh-duuuh):

It is the 26th of October and I made the minions’ advent calender. I make one very year in November but obviously I will be too busy so it is done, ready, all prepped to go up on the first of December. Bam!

I have decided not to give a birthday party this year. Okay, okay – this had already been decided by a bitch named Corona. But it’s nice to pretend we still have some matters in our own hands.

I will also pretend that I choose not to see any concerts, plays, films or any other kind of entertainment. Nor do I desperately want to go to a bar somewhere and have a night of cocktails and fun. Not. At. All. See, totally in control. *sobs*

My mother’s birthday is also in November. I haven’t picked up a gift for her yet. Last year I gave her an advent calender with nice goodies in it. No such luck this year, mama! I will pick her up something later this week, as part of my prep. Gotta get organised!

It is the 26th of October and… well fuck, as a freelancer I can’t just say that my work is sorted for November. Because it isn’t and it never is. But I will work during ‘office hours’ as much as possible. That at least is decided.

Halfway through November, Sinterklaas will arrive in the Netherlands, bringing gifts and sweets and whatnot. My minions are no longer believers, but I do like to put something in their shoes sometimes (this is custom! not some weird thing – okay, it is a weird thing but this is tradition ‘kay?) and… I bought the stuff already!

So prepped, it’s unbelievable. It’s incredible. Believe me, nobody thinks it’s more incredible than me.

Just a few more choices to make, folks. And then we are READY!

Hey there, we’re doing a choose-your-own-adventure style nanowrimo and would like you to join! Subscribe by using the buttons on the right and help me make plot choices along the way. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Other stuff we need to prep in October

  1. I think I’m still totally in denial that it’s October! Not quite sure how hard I’ll try on my own Nano this year, but we’ll see. My usual tradition was always to buy a big bag of fresh tagliatelle and ensure I had a super-quick easy meal for the first bit 🙂

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