The day after… and the start of something new (Advent Tea, day 1)

That was quite some NaNoWriMo we did last month! Now on to something new, something I also love besides writing stories: TEA!

Last month, on the 18th day of NaNoWriMo, received a birthday gift from a friend and it was right on the money: an advent calendar with tea. I love tea! And I love advent calendars perhaps even more.

The calendar is from ‘tea’ brand Pukka, that produces not so much teas as infusions. Very little actual tea goes into them, and I am such a tea snob that I make this distinction when I can, but for the sake of practicality I will keep referring to it as ‘tea’ (even though it isn’t…).

You may be familiar with Pukka. Their packaging is quite attractive. I have first encountered them in an organic food shop and have often bought various teas as gifts. Not so much for myself though, so this advent calendar is a perfect opportunity to try out new stuff – and perhaps discover my new favourite ‘tea’!

Day 1: feel new
(My husband made me a cup and tore the packaging before I could photograph it…)

This one has aniseed, sweet fennel seed, cardemom pod, licorice, coriander seeds and turmeric. As for its supposed effects on one’s constitution, life or whatsits:

At first I felt it was a bit weird to start a calendar of the last month of the year, and counting down to Christmas as the Main Event ™, with ‘feel new’. But then I read the description behind the packet on the calendar:

For mornings after the night before.

Let me tell you about my night before…

Last night I was exhausted and went to bed early, around ten-ish. Then in the middle of the night I was woken up by an almighty noise. Like trying to sleep in the middle of an engine room. It took a few moments for me to realise that I was hearing the washing machine. It needs maintenance or repairs… (Either that or it tries to awaken the dead at the end of each cycle, I don’t know.) Assuming that my man had put it on a timer for the night, and that it must be morning already, I cursed the gods of wintertime and got up. I shuffled to the kitchen to start the coffee machine, and discovered that it was a quarter past three. Well f*ck. The time obviously didn’t work the way it was intended. But I was awake. So I made tea (or ‘tea’ because it was Sleepy Time infusion) and wrote in my diary and got back into bed – although not before furiously prodding my man.
So I could use some ‘herbs to help [me] feel like new’.

It is a nice light tea. Nothing earth-shattering or innovative but some tried-and-true flavours that go together well. The colour is a pleasant light greenish brown in my mug. It does not, however, quite make up for a half-broken night. But that may be too much to expect from a cup of tea anyway.

Drop me a few tea/infusions blogs, folks! I’d love to read yours!

5 thoughts on “The day after… and the start of something new (Advent Tea, day 1)

  1. Ooh, excellent! I too love advent calendars and ‘teas’. Last year I bought myself one of those ‘fill your own’ wooden ones, but disappointingly the drawers hold very little so the chocs went in and the teas (! yup, had the same idea!!) are in a box by the kettle.

    Now you’ve inspired me to maybe blog about them as I try… on that blog that I said wasn’t so relevant, haha! 😉

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  2. I am in a tea rut. I have my chosen green, which I drink until noon, and my chosen peppermint, which I drink until I go to sleep. I love the idea of a tea advent calendar, but I would have to select one carefully (especially ones comprising “tea”) because I am allergic to chamomile and chamomile is in *everything*. Perhaps next year I will make my own tea advent calendar! In the meantime, I’m living vicariously through yours.

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